Accelerate Your Short-Term Rental Knowledge

Those who are the best in the world all have coaches.

Tiger Woods has a golf coach.

Michael Jordan had a basketball coach.

I have a business coach.

And if you’re looking to level-up your game in the STR space, our team now offers coaching to bring you to the next level.
I was 32 when I bought my first home. It was 2019 and I was too late to the game to make any real money with it….or so I thought. I was in a situation where I needed to invest in something, but didn’t want to lock myself into one location by purchasing “my primary home.” So…I bought a house to rent and see how it felt. I chose to Airbnb it instead of getting a long-term renter. I spent weeks buying furniture, staging it, taking photos, and setting up each STR platform. I was terrified to push it live but finally did. Guest #1…guest #2…guest #3… In the first month I paid my mortgage. Guest #4…guest #5…guest #6… The second month, I paid the mortgage for month 2 and month 3. I was hooked. I dove head first into the world of short-term rentals. I started researching how I could buy more houses, or sign more leases to get more rentals up and running. Two years later I had five properties that were paying for themselves.
It was working!

I adjusted my mindset and started to build systems. I built checklists to make sure that our process was duplicatable with or without me.

I built shopping lists to make each unit the same so I had one set of operating instructions overall vs. the “one per property” that I was headed towards.

I built templates to make each rental self-explanatory.

I built marketing funnels to get bookings outside of the platforms and make sure we were ‘platform proof.’ <

It became a machine.

Then the 2022 AirbnBUST started to slow reservations all over the globe.

But it didn’t affect us.


Because we learned our lessons in the big advertising shift two years ago, and became in control of our marketing and thus in control of our data!

Today, each week, I share these systems with hundreds of people in our weekly emails. I’ve received incredible feedback about how much of an impact it’s made for many of our subscribers bottom lines.

If you want to know how to set up your units to perform in any market, as well as what we see happening in the industry today, then you’re in the right place. Sign up for the Suuperhost weekly newsletter and I’ll share it all with you, absolutely free.

What's included in a coaching session?

That’s up to you! Typically we start with an audit of your current listing. Once we complete that we’ll go through the suggested changes and then walk step-by-step through your systems & processes. But, if you want to go in a completely different direction then we’ll do that. If you have a list of questions you want to be answered, then we’ll start there!  Typical consultations review any of the following items: 
  • Public listing review
  • Location qualification & analysis
  • Common amenities & potential upgrades
  • Hooks & marketing messages
  • Your systems & processes and possible upgrades

Don't take our word for it, peek inside our systems!

With all of our consulting packages, we’ll use our own listings as examples so you can see the successes & failures that drive our decisions. Some will apply and some won’t, but you’ll be able to make that call from a place of knowledge.  

For example, our financial report from March of 2023 for just one of our listings. Note, when this was posted, we still had 7-days left in March. 

Get started now. One coaching our with our team is $150.
Purchase here and then select two 30-min blocks to meet with us

One-On-One Coaching Hour


Book a one-hour consulting session with the Suuperhost team to go over your listing, your process, your design, or anything else you want to review about your short-term rental. The team here at Suuperhost has built an incredible process, that has kept us over 4.9 stars throughout hundreds of reservations, and we’re happy to share it all with you.

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