Shareable Cleaning Schedule


With this purchase you get a ready-to-use schedule to keep all of your properties and cleaners organized. You can make as many copies as you’d like and use one per cleaner, or put all of your cleaners on one sheet. It’s shared over the Internet so each cleaner can see in real time the following:

  • Dates that they need to clean
  • Whether or not it’s a turn, so they can prioritize their time
  • The amount they will be paid
  • Whether or not they have been paid yet


Mike Sebastian

Having this shared file has eliminated all of the headaches we used to have with our cleaners who each had their own method of organizing cleans that quickly became too complicated with the volume we were doing. Now they have one central source of truth, which is this document. It comes loaded with a Table of Contents that has a pre-made instruction video for them and the ability for you to add anything you want them to know each time they open the document.


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