Custom WiFi Info QR Code


What is it?

This simple QR code, unique to your home, automatically connects guests to your WiFi network. With phones and computers sharing WiFi passwords, it’s never been easier to connect your mobile device and immediately share the WiFi information with other devices and family members.

Eliminate unnecessary phone calls from guests with an easy to use QR code.

What get’s delivered?

With this purchase, we will email you a QR code that is custom built with your WiFi login information built into it. You can start using it within minutes! We’ll send you 3 styles, as PNG files. You choose which you like the most and can print them in any size to fit any frame.

What’s required?

A Canva  account (100% free). Simply create an account and get started.



Mike Sebastian

Style your welcome binder or walls with instructions for WiFi, trash collection, check out process, and more! These fully editable information sheets are delivered as Canva templates (100% free). Click on any of the below to get started, and adjust accordingly for your rental!


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