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We've helped hundreds of business owners just like yourself, and offer expertise on items such as location research, setting up your units, budgeting, marketing, and more.

That depends on your listing criteria and the guests visit reason. If they have a good reason to rent, then why not? If it seems like trouble, or they don't meet your listing criteria, then hold to that.

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The guest can cancel their reservation from their side without penalty. The host cannot. If the guest cancels, you can decide to refund their money back after, regardless of your cancellation policy.

Simple! Click here to sign up for your Airbnb account, then follow the steps they walk you through. To do a more in-depth review of your account, or have us set it up for you, book a consultation call with us.

Quality towels, quality sheets, plants and art from Goodwill.
This is one of the most popular questions and one of the hardest to deliver. Many things play into it and there is no short-way to achieve them. You must have great photos, a high review score and high volume of reviews, great SEO on your listing, a clear description, and many other things. Our consultation calls will walk you through each of these items.
20% - 30% is the standard rate, depending on their level of involvement.
That depends on how hands-off you want to be. If you never want to handle the Airbnb, then yes, but with the right systems, it's not difficult to successfully manage yourself.